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By Mid-Michigan Foot & Ankle Center
February 16, 2017
Category: Foot Pain

Your feet deserve a big thank you for carrying your weight all these years. If you are experiencing top of foot pain you should seek the advice of Dr. Andrew H. Cohen and repay them for all their hard work. 

In the age of apps that track our every step for fitness, the result of having that information tells us the average person stands for about 5 hours a day and takes up to 10,000 steps in that same day!

Therefore, our feet are open to quite a lot of injury if we aren’t careful. 
Here are just a few ways hey work hard for us:

  • Support all our weigh
  • Absorb the shock of every step we take
  • Move our legs forward
  • Keep us in balance

That accounts for almost every activity we do which leaves almost all of us open to potential foot pain. Take note of 3 simple tips that you may have top of foot pain:

  • Warmth at the top of your foot
  • Tenderness in or around the same area
  • Redness in or around the same area

Some other reasons you may be experiencing this pain can be related to bone spurs, stress fractures, tendonitis or aging but top of foot pain is not normal and should be addressed right away.  Our doctor may recommend the RICE Method (Rest ~ Ice ~ Compression ~ Elevation) before getting too concerned. However, this is based on the stage and/or level of your pain.

If your symptoms continue you should call us at the office of Mid- Michigan Foot & Ankle Center at 203-790-8009 for an appointment.  We are conveniently located in Saginaw and Bay City for easy scheduling. Let Dr. Andrew H. Cohen treat your feet so that you can keep your life active and productive!