Acute vs Chronic Sports Injuries

By Mid-Michigan Foot & Ankle Center
November 01, 2017

In the world of sports, injuries are a very real and frightening reality. Sometimes accidental impacts, falls or other circumstances can lead to an injured athlete. These injuries can lay an athlete up for weeks at a time and cause a lot of stress and pain. Luckily there are many different technologies available to help treat these sport injuries and heal the athlete. Although these advancements are great, they don’t always cure a sports injury.

Did you know that there are actually two types of sports injuries? The first type of sports injury is an acute sports injury. These types of injuries happen suddenly while in the middle of a sport or exercise. Sprained ankles, strained backs and fractured hands are all different types of acute sports injuries.

What are the signs of an acute sports injury?

  • Severe sudden pain
  • Swelling
  • Inability to place weight on leg, ankle, knee or foot
  • Tender arms, elbows, hands and fingers
  • Inability to move joint normally
  • Leg or arm weakness
  • Bone or joint is out of place

Chronic injuries on the other hand happen after you exercise or play a sport for a long period of time. They can cause an athlete a lot of suffering and misery.

Signs of Chronic Sports Injury

  • Pain when you play a sport
  • Pain when you exercise
  • Dull aching when at rest
  • Swelling

If you have a sports injury of any type, it is important that you see a podiatrist right away. If these injuries are left untreated, they can become more severe and have lasting damage.

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