Children’s Feet Come First

By Mid-Michigan Foot & Ankle Center
February 23, 2017

Children’s Feet  should not hurt and many conditions can be corrected at an early age and still allow normal development.  The first step is to bring them in for an evaluation to see Dr. Andrew H. Cohen and let him do a complete foot evaluation on your child.

If your child is not participating in sports like they used to or are complaining about foot pain they could have flat feet among other things.  Or perhaps they are falling and not keeping up with the rest of their classmates which could also present some concerns.

Common Pediatric Children’s Foot Issues are often referred to as Podopediatrics and with a little education we can

 look for these signs:

  • Problems may appear at birth or shortly after once they are walking
  • Abnormal walking is the first sign that something may be wrong
  • Adolescents may develop foot or ankle issues also and should not be ignored
  • Limping (if not caused by injury) can be a sign in teenage or middle school ages
  • Pediatric heel pain may trigger some issues due to an abnormality in bone growth

Did you know that children can develop the following conditions as easily, if not more than adults?

  • Bunions ~ not just an elderly problem ~ many children develop bunions secondary to foot deformity
  • Flat feet ~ can become an issue as your child’s feet are growing and arches are developing
  • Ingrown toenails ~ children’s nails should be clipped properly (straight across) from a young age
  • Plantar warts ~ these are most common in children due to the virus they are exposed to in gym class and other public areas
  • In-toeing and Out-toeing ~ also known as walking “pigeon toed” ~ feet pointing inward or outward more than normal causing more falls or stumbles

At Mid-Michigan Foot & Ankle Center we focus on foot and ankle health for everyone.  Strong feet and  healthy ankles start at birth so contact us at 989-790-8009 to make an appointment for your child and get them on the right path for a healthy and active life style.  Our kids may have little footprints but they should be able to take big steps!