Finding the Right Workout Shoe

August 11, 2015
Category: Foot Care
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Jeremy Kneebusch, a personal trainer at Tri-City Wellness Center, believes that finding the right workout shoe goes beyond color, style, or a shoe’s brand name. Shoe type is one important factor to consider, and knowing what kind of activity you’ll be using the shoe for and what kind of terrain they’ll be working on will help narrow down choices. Gait and foot biomechanics are also important, as knowing these factors can help decrease the likelihood of injury while wearing the shoes. Shoe size and fit are basic factors that seem obvious but are often overlooked. Shoes should have an overall good fit with no rubbing areas and room for the toes to spread out comfortably.  

Wearing the right running shoe is essential. For more information, see Dr. Andrew H. Cohen, D.P.M. of Mid-Michigan Foot and Ankle Center. Dr. Cohen can treat your foot and ankle needs.

Choosing the Right Running Shoe for Your Foot Type

To increase performance and avoid the risk of injury, it is important to choose the right running shoe based on your foot type. The general design of running shoes revolves around pronation, which is how the ankle rolls from outside to inside when the foot strikes the ground.

  • Neutral runners are able to choose from a wide variety of shoes, including minimalist shoes or even go barefoot
  • Runners who overpronate, or experience an over-abundance of ankle rolling, should choose shoes that provide extra motion control and stability
  • Runners who underpronate, or supinate, have feet that have high arches and lack flexibility, preventing shock absorption. They require shoes with more flexibility and cushion

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