How To Keep Your Toenails Healthy

By Mid-Michigan Foot & Ankle Center
July 12, 2018
Category: toenail conditions
Tags: fungus   toenails   rashes  

Healthy toenails are a very important part of your overall health. When your toenails are in good shape, they look great and make you feel great too. Not many people think of their nails as a top priority when caring for themselves. This is misguided because the nails are actually a window into a person’s overall health. When you look at the toenails, their health can tell you about a person’s overall health, if they have an underlying condition, or if they are deficient in nutrition or vitamins. Now that you know that your toenails are very important to care for, take some time to read on about how you can proactively keep them healthier by avoiding certain cosmetic situations.

While cosmetics are very popular, they can become a burden to the toenail. Many men and women go to a nail salon or other type of spa regularly to have their toenails properly groomed. While this can be an enjoyable pastime and even cause your nail health to improve, it can also cause the toenails to encounter some major problems.  If you go to a salon, it is important that you make sure they are reputable and use proper cleaning techniques for all of the items they use that touch your feet. If a salon does not have proper cleansing materials, it can cause fungus, rashes, and other infections of the foot that can become very severe.

Another possible conflict that the use of cosmetics can have on the feet is an allergic reaction. Buying a new foot scrub can seem like a great idea to rid the feet of dead skin, but if you are allergic to an ingredient, it can cause a rash, hive, or blisters on the feet. When shopping for a scrub, look for one that is hypoallergenic and dermatologist or podiatrist-approved. This will lessen the likelihood of an adverse reaction.

Caring for your feet regularly is important to keeping them in good health. Be sure to thoroughly check out licensing, reviews, and referrals before picking a salon to spruce up your feet. If you were unlucky and now suspect you have a fungus or other foot issue, give our office a call. Call Dr. Andrew H. Cohen of Mid-Michigan Foot & Ankle Center located in Saginaw and Bay City, Michigan. You can reach our office at 989-790-8009 or make an appointment online today. Your toenails are a window to your health.