Innovative Trainers Help Determine a Joggers Running Style to Prevent Injury

December 18, 2013
Category: Foot Care

Running ShoesGerman scientists from Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IPMS) designed and came up with an idea to create a shoe that can help improve a jogger’s technique. Popularity among runners has grown, and so does the injuries and joint complaints that come with them, according to editor Sarah Griffiths.

These trainers or ‘smart shoes’ warn runners if their feet are on the wrong position, or if they are tired by using a smartphone app. Scientists said young runners and those with wrong running styles, have a risk of twisting or injuring their ankle joints.

Also, runners are susceptible to breaking bones when they are running on an uneven terrace. The sensors in the running soles measure the biomechanical data of an athlete, and evaluates a runner’s form with the measurements found in real time

If you are suffering from foot pain and think it might be caused by motor-related issues, you should seek the care of a podiatrist likeas Dr. Andrew H. Cohen of Mid-Michigan Foot and Ankle Center.  Dr. Cohen can examine your feet and diagnose any potential conditions.

Biomechanics in Podiatry

Podiatric biomechanics is a sect of specialized podiatry that features licensed practitioners trained in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the foot, ankle and lower leg. Biomechanics focuses on the issues that affect the body and cause an interference with the biological structure. It also focuses on the foot and ankle’s movement and the forces that interact with them.

A History of Biomechanics

-Biomechanics historically dates back to ancient Egypt, which utilized professional foot care

-Biomechanics gained a high profile in 1974 thanks to the studies of Merton Root, who claimed by changing or controlling the ankle and foot’s forces, as well as diagnosing conditions and making corrections, could be used to gain strength and coordination to the affected area.

Improvements in modern technology are based on both therapeutic processes and past theories. These help provide a better understanding of podiatry concepts for biomechanics. Computers can provide an accurate determination regarding the movements and patterns of the lower legs and feet with important information captured.

If you have any questions, please contact our offices in Saginaw, MI and Essexville, MI. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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