Men’s Shoes are Important Too

By Mid-Michigan Foot & Ankle Center
September 27, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Footwear  

Many people put a lot of focus on women and the shoes they wear. It is well known that many footwear options that women have are bad for their overall foot health. Because there is such a focus on women’s shoes, some people forget that men’s shoes are just as important. Men may not have as many different types of shoes as women, but their shoe choices still affect their feet.

When choosing a shoe, a man should consider shoes such as high-quality oxfords, shoes with cap toe designs, and also shoes with wing tip designs. Slip-ons, low dress boots, and loafers are also decent shoe choices. Men should also be sure to have shoes for every occasion. Work shoes, sport shoes, and leisure shoes should all be separate individual shoes. No shoe is meant for every type of activity. High fashion shoes often come with a high price.

If you work full time, it is recommended that you have 3-5 pairs of office shoes. These shoes should be interchanged regularly so that they wear evenly. Try to find cushion-soled shoes as they give the best support and stability.

Safety shoes for individuals who work in a higher risk environment are also very important. Heavy industry workers should always wear a pair of safety shoes. Waterproof, steel toed, slip-resistant shoes are ideal. These safety shoes help protect the feet from traumatic injury. Insulated shoes also help to prevent conditions such as gangrene and frostbite. As with all shoes, these safety shoes should be replaced at least once annually in order to be the most effective.

If possible, sneakers should be worn as often as it is allowed. Sneakers are the best fitting type of shoe for almost all feet. They provide cushion, shock absorption, stability and support. They are made to enhance the foot and provide optimal comfort to the user.

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