New Device can make Hammertoe Recovery Easier

August 24, 2015
Category: Foot Conditions
Tags: Foot Pain   Hammertoe   Joint Pain  

A new procedure is making hammertoe recovery much easier for patients. Traditionally, healing hammertoe, a condition in which one or more of the toes are bent downward and frozen in an abnormal position, required time in rehabilitation and was often painful. Pins would be inserted surgically into the hammertoe to hold the joint in place. Now, a new device called the HammerLock2 is inserted into the bone before it is clipped back. The device, made of nitinol, then expands to fix the toe correctly in place. The implant allows for the patient to move his or toes much quicker than before and reduces the likelihood of improper healing.

To successfully correct a hammertoe and relieve the pain and inflammation associated it, medical assistance may be necessary. If you are seeking hammertoe treatment, consult with podiatrist Dr. Andrew H. Cohen, D.P.M. of Mid-Michigan Foot and Ankle Center. Dr. Cohen will provide you with quality treatment and assist you with all of your foot and ankle concerns.


Hammertoe is little-known a painful condition that affects the second, third and fourth toes involving different joints of the toe and foot. Hammertoe can be caused by many other conditions such as RA (rheumatoid arthritis), osteoarthritis, trauma or injuries to your foot, it can be hereditary and it can also be caused by a cerebral vascular accident. If you wear shoes that are too narrow or short for your feet, it may exacerbate any pain you already have.

It is really important to your overall well-being to seek out medical attention at the first signs of foot pain or anything that may hinder your ability to walk in a normal manner. Taking care of your feet is one of the first steps to being able to live a full and healthy life.

If you have any questions feel free to contact one of our offices, located in Saginaw and Essexville, MI. We offer all the latest in diagnostic and treatment technologies to meet your needs.

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