Painless Swelling can be Dangerous

By Mid-Michigan Foot & Ankle Center
June 06, 2017

Swelling of the feet and ankles, also known as Edema, is a cause of fluid buildup in the ankle tissues.  This type of swelling is known more commonly in elder people and can be related to heart, renal and liver failure.  Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong and we need to listen when it speaks.

We understand that food fuels our body and although we know this, we sometimes decide to have a momentary lapse of reason when it comes to dining out or when a treat is dangling itself in front of us. We see this more commonly in our elders, in pregnant woman and people who are inactive or over weight.  Persistent swollen ankles are most commonly related to heart complications which can also be a silent problem in some cases.

  • Sodium simply promotes swelling in all cases. It is the highest and most potent form of salt.
  • Alcohol can interfere with kidney and liver function and chronic alcohol intake can result in many issues including ankle swelling.
  • Caffeine can fake us out leaving us to think that we are dehydrated therefore the body may retain more water.

There are two valuable ways to reduce swelling in the ankles to improve blood flow and get your lymphatic system moving at full capacity again. Either of these simple remedies will rid the body of toxins.

  • Exercise increases blood flow which helps keep your blood pressure at a good level and ultimately reduces swelling.
  • Massage will help drain the fluid from the swollen area and can be done from home or in the salon.

If your body is talking to you by way of swollen feet or ankles and Edema is a possible concern then it should not be overlooked.  Mid-Michigan Foot and Ankle Center is conveniently located in Saginaw and Essexville, Michigan and our specialist, Dr. Andrew H. Cohen, can help with anything from a routine visit to treatments for surgery. If you believe there is something serious going on with your feet or ankles, don’t delay and call for an appointment at 989-790-8009.