The Drama of Trauma

By Mid-Michigan Foot & Ankle Center
October 04, 2017
Category: ankle pain

People all over the world experience traumatic incidents that can cause severe injuries every day. It is often nerve-wracking and can be life changing. These traumas can occur from something as large as a motor vehicle accident to as small as a soccer injury. Our feet and ankles can also suffer from traumatic injuries. These injuries are often due to high risk activities such as sports. Sometimes they can be from overuse and repetitive pressure. These situations can range from mild to severe and are reasons to see a podiatrist right away. There are two very common types of traumatic ankle injuries, specifically in children.

  1. Ankle Sprains – Ankle sprains tend to be very rare in children. Children have ligaments that are stronger than their growth plate when they are young. When an injury occurs, the growth plate is usually the first thing to be injured in the ankle. The ligaments are so strong at this time that they resist the injury and hold strong. In adult, it is more likely that the ligament would be injured first because it is not as strong as the bones around it. If a child does manage to have a sprain then they usually need a cast on their affected ankle. This is because when the ligaments heal, there is a chance that they could lengthen. If a ligament grows too large while healing, it can cause a long-term disability and render the child nearly immobile.
  2. Ankle Fractures – If a child receives an ankle fracture, it is likely that it is located in the growth plate of the shin bones. These fractures are very easy to acquire. The simple act of twisting the ankle is enough force to cause an ankle sprain. In contrast, if an adult were to twist their ankle, it is likely that they would only sprain it. This is because an adult ankle is much stronger than that of a child’s and it has fully developed. If a child has a fracture, surgery is not normally needed to treat the fracture unless the growth plate is not healing normally.

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