Tunneling Through the Pain

By Mid-Michigan Foot & Ankle Center
June 29, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions

Most people know that repetitive movements can cause injuries to the hands and wrists. Too much typing, gaming, and sports can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a condition usually found in the wrists and hands. We at Mid-Michigan Foot & Ankle Center know that the same can happen to your feet. It’s called Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

Nurses, athletes, teachers and other people who are on their feet all the time know this syndrome all too well. At first it is just uncomfortable. Their feet begin to ache and swell. When they walk it hurts but its manageable Later though, if the disorder is left untreated, it can become severe. The pain can become so debilitating that the affected person can have trouble sleeping, walking, and living a regular day to day life. A tingling sensation envelopes the foot. Then the foot slowly begins to go numb. The feeling is similar to your foot falling asleep.

Shoes are a large factor in the cause of tarsal tunnel syndrome. Wearing the wrong shoes can be detrimental to your feet. If your shoes do not have proper stability and support for your arch and heel you could be setting yourself up for foot and ankle issues. When buying shoes try to stay away from flats, loafers, heels, and flip flops. These shoes do not provide the appropriate amount of support to the foot and contribute to issues. Try to find a sneaker that fits snuggle and has ample amounts of arch support. If your shoes are ill fitting, it is likely that tarsal tunnel syndrome will be in your future.

Are your feet tingling? Are they going numb as well? Does it hurt when you walk? Call Dr. Andrew Cohen. He is a highly trained podiatrist who has offices in Saginaw, MI and Bay City, MI. He and his staff can help determine whether or not you have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. If it is determined that you have the syndrome, they can assist you in acquiring properly fitting shoes, and finding the right treatment for you. Call 989-790-8009 or make an appointment online.