World-Ranked UFC Competitor Breaks Toe

June 03, 2014 Rockhold, a 29 year old UFC fighter, beat middleweight Tim Boetsch handily during a recent match, but ended up breaking his own toe in the process. He announced the injury during the UFC 172 press conference after the fight, and also uploaded a picture of his x-ray to his Instagram page.

Rockhold, who is currently ranked fifth in the world, will take a few weeks off to allow the toe to recover, which is usually standard procedure following a match anyway.

Broken toes usually heal fairly quickly, but they can be painful to deal with in the meantime. If you’re toe hurts and you suspect it might be broken, be sure to see podiatrist Dr. Andrew H. Cohen, D.P.M., of the Mid-Michigan Foot and Ankle Center. Dr. Cohen will address your injury with a professional and comprehensive treatment method.

What to Know About a Broken Toe

Although most people try to avoid foot trauma such as banging, stubbing, or dropping heavy objects on their feet, the unfortunate fact is that it is a common occurrence. Given the fact that toes are positioned in front of the feet, they typically sustain the brunt of such trauma. When trauma occurs to a toe, the result can be a painful break (fracture). Another type of trauma that can break a toe is repeated activity that places stress on the toe for prolonged periods of time.

Symptoms of a Broken Toe

  • throbbing pain
  • swelling
  • bruising on the skin and toenail
  • the inability to move the toe with ease.
  • toe appears crooked or disfigured
  •  tingling or numbness in the toe
  • injured person experiences fever or chills throughout their body, and when there is an open, bleeding wound present on the toe.

Generally, a minor toe break will heal without long-term complications, but it is important to discontinue activities that put pressure on the toe. It is best to stay off of the injured toe with the affected foot elevated on pillows. Swelling can be alleviated by placing an ice pack on the broken toe for 15 minutes every two hours during the first two days after the fracture.

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