What Is Mycosis?

By Mid-Michigan Foot & Ankle Center
January 03, 2018
Category: foot cancer
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When you make the decision to see the podiatrist, you usually do so because you have noticed something wrong with the health of your feet or ankles. Thousands of people visit podiatrists every day. They receive examinations, diagnoses, and advice on how to treat their ailments. Sometimes a podiatrist will catch something a little bit different during an exam. If they see red scaly skin patches on the feet, they may diagnose you with mycosis fungoides.

Mycosis fungoides is a form of lymph cancer known for its scaly patched skin. The disease progresses slowly, usually over many years. As it forms it begins to make elevated skin lesions which later turn into tumors on the skin. It is considered a rare disease and is taken very seriously among medical professionals.

Currently, the cause of mycosis fungoides is unknown. It is thought to be linked to lymphoma. Researchers are working to study its causes and to learn more about the disease overall.


  • Red scaly skin
  • Itchy rash
  • Rash growth
  • Ulcers
  • Pain
  • Lesions
  • Tumors

Testing for Mycosis

If your podiatrist suspects that you are suffering from mycosis they will either refer you to a cancer specialist or they will take a skin biopsy. This cancer can show up on the feet or anywhere else on the body that is covered in skin. This means that it can affect the feet.


There is no cure for mycosis fungoides. Treatments such as steroid creams, electron beam radiation, or chemotherapy may be used, if it is in the early stages. It has been noted that the use of ultraviolet light can help to control the disease. Mild mycosis fungoides can be treated successfully with cortisone ointments.


Unlike some other lymphomas, the outlook is generally good for those who suffer from mycosis. Symptoms can usually be controlled with treatment. Unfortunately, treatment is not guaranteed to cure an individual of mycosis. Sometimes no matter what combination of treatment methods are utilized, the mycosis will stay on the individual who suffers from it.

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